Cantaor Diego Amador promotes salsa song recorded with Oscar d León in Mexico.

NOVEMBER 30, 2016

The flamenco singer, Diego Amador, called “El Mozart gitano”, promotes in Mexico his recording material, “Soy de las 3000”, which includes a salsa song, next to Oscar de León called “La Sandunguita “.

The flamenco singer, Diego Amador, called “El Mozart gitano”, promotes in Mexico his recording material, “Soy de las 3000”, which includes a salsa song, next to Oscar de León called “La Sandunguita “.

The gypsy-andalusian musician and composer, took advantage of his stay in Mexico to record his live presentation of the past weekend, in the Auditorium Roberto Cantoral, to make it known in some television channels and in diverse digital platforms.

“I love coming to Mexico, the people are very warm and know a lot of music,” said Diego Amador in an interview with Notimex.

The Spanish musician, who was practically born with a guitar in his hand, is considered today a pillar of flamenco, and has traveled the world with his piano in personal presentations or accompanying great figures such as Diego El Cigala, Chick Correa or Joaquín Cortés, among many more.

“It’s the wonderful thing about this race, it gives you the opportunity to meet countries, people, and work alongside many colleagues you admire,” he emphasized.

“I come from a very humble and marginalized neighborhood of Seville, known as The 3000 homes, thanks to my father and my family, I left there in search of my dreams, carrying my guitar and then fascinated with the sounds that came out Of the piano “.

“And so it was that child of six or seven, who never studied music, nor could read music, as a good gypsy, became a self-taught musician, loving his roots, passionate about flamenco and, at the same time, fascinated with The jazz, “he added.

Diego Amateur said: “Since I have use of reason music has always accompanied my life, that’s what sounded all day in the house, in the neighborhood, by night.”

“My brothers were the pioneers in the new flamenco, the fusion of rock, pop and blues and began to bring records to the house, one day they took a record of Chick Corea, the jazz master, and on hearing it I was surprised and I said, ‘I want to do that and I want to do it with my piano’ and that’s what we’ve been doing for 20 years, “he said.

After touring the world and his homeland, gaining recognition, collaborations with great musicians, documentaries and recording successful albums, in the eagerness to always create new things, met the Cuban arranger, Alain Pérez, with whom he explored the world of salsa and Latin rhythms.

“This motivated us to return to the recording studios in Miami, and with Alain Pérez we got into the world of salsa, that’s how we prepared” Soy de la 3000 “, where I have the collaboration of Alejandro Sanz and Maestro Oscar de Lion”.

The song he recorded with “Pharaoh of the Salsa”, is the spearhead theme of this material, titled “La Sandunguita”.

” ‘La Sandunguita is a subject that we did with a lot of affection, it has a lot of self-confidence, and what better than to do it with the great teacher Oscar de León, for me it was a pleasure to meet him, who collaborated with me was very great for me.”

He added that the people who know him as a flamenco interpreter have very well accepted this theme.

“The people have received it very well, he listens to it and immediately begins to move. Even I, that the only thing I did not learn was to dance, because Oscar has infected me, and although I am a bit shy, when we did the video clip To dance, and I do not know how but I got the movement. “

On the other hand, Diego Amador said that he wishes to return to our country next year to present his show in some important scene of Mexico City and in the interior of the country; Said that last weekend held a small live concert with guests at the Auditorium Roberto Cantoral, which was recorded to leave on some television channel in the country and on internet channels.

“The Mexican public is very perceptive, I love it, and he accompanied me this weekend at Roberto Cantoral, he is very knowledgeable about flamenco and it was very exciting.” We made a special presentation before the show that we later want to bring to Mexico, “he said. .

He said that in this concert he made a musical tour of various genres, such as flamenco, tango, jazz and even a theme that is well known by the Mexican public.

“We sang and recorded in the special several tangos, giving them a touch of bulería, well, a little bit of everything, what people already know of my previous albums, but we also wanted to put a theme that I adore, that is a great teacher who We adore everyone, Mr. Juan Gabriel, the song “Hold me very strong,” which, with all due respect, we did with my style and the truth that was very good.

Finally, Diego Amador promised to return soon to Mexico, to bring his complete show, along with his piano and the great band that accompanies him, composed by musicians from several countries, like his drummer, who is Mexican, and his son, who already Accompanies playing the drawer, among other instruments.

Diego Amador

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