MARCH 16, 2017

Diego Amador lanza disco fusionando el flamenco español con ritmos caribeños
Spanish singer Diego Amador has released “Soy de las 3.000”, an album dedicated to his Seville neighborhood and in which he fuses flamenco with Caribbean rhythms and includes the collaborations of his compatriot Alejandro Sanz and the Venezuelan Oscar D ‘León. This Week he will be promoting it in Puerto Rico.

In an interview with Efe today, Amador explained that the album includes subjects of his interest, both ballad and salsa, such as “El al aire al aire”, by Sanz; “Now who” by Marc Anthony; “The woman that hurts you the most,” by Cuban Isaac Delgado, and the famous bolero “Dos gardenias”, but fused with Spanish flamenco.

“I have made a selection of songs that I have always liked and I have a lot of affection with a quite natural selection of what I wanted to sing,” Amador said.

Other songs that appear in “Soy de las 3.000” include “El son de la madrugada”, which he had already included in his first album and which he recorded with Cuban Omara Portuondo, “Give me the chair where I waited for you” Next to Sanz, and “La sandunguita” next to D ‘León

“The album is the result of this musical curiosity with two genres of high caliber such as flamenco and salsa,” said Amador, who will be in Puerto Rico until the end of the week promoting his eighth album.

“The truth is that this album is the first one I do whole with arrangements of salsa pulling for timba,” added the artist, who is nicknamed “El Churri”.

The interpreter of other songs such as “Cry of the rain”, “Sounds my guitar” and “Honey and salt” admitted that although their roots come from “a rather rare music”, with these Caribbean rhythms, “we can get closer to The people who do not know us. ”

“It’s what artists always want: to know our music and to know me better,” said Amador, who has collaborated with musicians such as Diego El Cigala, Camarón de la Isla, Tomatito and Remedios Amaya.

Born in 1973, Amador said that his Seville neighborhood was that he began to listen and interested in various musical genres, such as salsa, reggae, rock, “a little bit of everything, but my origins are of flamenco.”

“In my neighborhood you have always heard flamenco, salsa, because the flamenco rumba also has a lot to do. There we always played children to be artists and we always had a guitar in our hands to make the girls fall in love. I listened to everything, “he recalled.

And under the hands and musical brain of the Cuban producer Alain Pérez, it was that they prepared “Soy de las 3.000”, which included “La sandunguita”, the first promotional single of the album and that was among the first positions of Billboard.

On the collaboration with Oscar D ‘Leon, Amador said that the Venezuelan veteran salsero casually listened to “La sandunguita” in its original version, interested in it with the intention of adding his voice to it.

“When they told me that the maestro wanted to sing with me, it was a great surprise,” said Amador, nominated for the 2008 Latin Grammy for Best Flamenco Album for “Río de los Canasteros”, at that time.

In addition to all the artists who participate in his new album, Amador has also collaborated and shared the stage with Concha Buika or the dancer Joaquín Cortés and with jazz greats like Chick Corea, Pat Metheny, Bireli Lagreene and Charlie Haden, among others.

Diego Amador

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