JANUARY 03, 2017

La Sandunguita top 1 on Billboard Chart

A few weeks after its release, “La Sandunguita”, the theme of fusion of flamenco and salsa by Diego Amador in collaboration with Oscar D León has been established as number one in the Tropical Chart Of Billboard. The theme is a stellar collaboration of two icons in their respective genres and the first preview of the album “Soy de las 3000” by Diego Amador.

“La Sandunguita” is a contagious rhythm that evokes the movements of the salsa with the unmistakable flamenco voice of Amador, one of the most important flamenco musicians of all time together with the genius of salsa Oscar D León.

Diego Amador was born in the bosom of one of the gypsy families with more flamenco tradition and began to play the guitar at the age of 7. Although his first instrument was the guitar, at only 11 years old he began to walk the stages adding the drums and other instruments and collaborating with musicians of the stature of Diego El Cigala, Camarón, like Tomatito and Remedios Amaya. His preoccupation with music has made him a multi-instrumentalist when it comes to composing record and produce. His musical contributions have earned him the respect of great musicians with whom he continues to collaborate and share the stage as Alejandro Sanz, Buika or the dancer Joaquín Cortés and with jazz greats like Chick Corea, Pat Metheny, Birelli Lagreene and Charlie Haden among others. His solo discography includes 8 albums, and a Latin Grammy nomination in the category of Best Flamenco Album for “Rio de los Canasteros”.

During the course of his musical career, Diego Amador has always been interested in the fusion of different musical genres and has experimented combining some of them. “La Sandunguita” is the fruit of this musical curiosity with two genres of high caliber such as flamenco and salsa.

Release: Jeannette Delgado

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